Couples Counselling

Couples counselling serves as a helpful tool for addressing various relationship issues. The counsellor’s role is to help the couple identify obstacles and challenges in their relationships and work together on making useful changes.

Couple therapy as a whole is a means of resolving problems and disagreements that couples have not been able to handle successfully on their own. It involves both parties sitting down with a counsellor to discuss their thoughts, feelings and emotions in a private confidential setting. 

The goal of couple counselling is to help both gain a better understanding of themselves and for their partner to decide if they need and want to do the work required to make the necessary changes, and if so, to help them do so.

The main goal of therapy is to help couples experience better communication and have a stronger understanding of each other. During each season, we’ll provide a supportive environment for you and your significant other to express your concerns and learn ways to enjoy heightened communication skills. On average the majority of couples that go through divorce never seek professional help. On the other hand, the majority of couples who are still on the same page, with marital counselling, usually resolve their issues and manage to build a stronger relationship.

Some people however feel uneasy starting marriage counselling or couple therapy as they feel that their issues are not serious enough or have gone too far to be addressed in therapy or they simply do not believe in therapy. It is through our knowledge in working with this population that we know that any issue can be worked through when both parties are willing to do the work on their relationship with the guidance of trained professional counsellors from C.S. Counselling Services.

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To obtain what you believe is missing from your relationships we strongly suggest you make a confidential call to our office and speak with a counsellor in regards to scheduling an appointment. We are conveniently located within walking distance of the William Osler Hospital. For more information about alcohol counselling call 416-409-8045 for a free consultation or fill the confidential form.

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