Identifying Alcohol Addiction

June 17, 2023

Seeing a love one struggling with alcohol addiction is tough, especially on the family. It is easy to identify when a person is drinking but identifying whether the person has become addicted to alcohol is not easy. People that drink have slurred speech, reduced inhibitions, alcohol breath and awkward movements.

Here are some of the warning signs to look for if you suspect a love one/family member is getting addicted to alcohol.

  • Having no control over how much the person drinks
  • Losing control when the person drinks
  • Having cravings to drinks that are uncontrollable
  • Becoming tolerant to alcohol and the need to consume large amounts of it to get the same experience and effects
  • Urge to drink to feel good or normal
  • Drinking in secret or when alone
  • Experiencing blackouts

If you or your love one is experiencing problems with alcohol, call 416-409-8045 to book an appointment at C.S.Counselling Services to receive support.

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