May 10, 2023

Is It Possible To Overcome Depression?

Commonly mistaken for occasional sadness, depression is a medical condition that has the power of causing deep psychological problems. It involves a sense of emptiness and of
worthlessness that affects considerably the person’s life and well-being, sometimes even leading to suicidal thoughts. This condition can affect anyone at any time, even if there is no apparent reason for it.

There is a lot of evidence showing chemical changes in the brain of depressed individuals, especially regarding to neurotransmitters, the substances that transmit nerve impulses between cells. Contrary to what is commonly believed, the psychological and social factors are often a consequence (and not a cause) of depression. Without proper psychological therapy, the cases tend to get worse.

Sometimes, people that struggle with depression feel so worthless that they won’t even seek help, and that is why their loved ones have a major part on paying attention to any symptoms and change of behaviour. They can be responsible for showing that, with the right treatment, there is hope.

Those who suffer from depression often show signs of constant sadness, anxiety and stress, trouble at work or at school, loneliness and sudden mood changes, just to mention a few. If left untreated, the consequences can be fatal. To avoid that, early assessment and treatment are the best ways of assuring that patients with depression have more chances of being cured. Most cases require proper medication, but in all circumstances, psychological therapy is fundamental.

Counselling is an effective depression treatment. With the right approach, the counsellor will help the patient to connect with the mind in order to overcome fears and anxieties. It is important to point out that the focus is not to change the past, but to find new solutions and answers for the present and future.

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