Anger Management

May 25, 2023

Is It OK To Feel Angry?

Anger is one of many natural emotions that we are all born with. It is expected that we all experience anger at some points in our lives because it is the way our body naturally responds to going through depressed or unfortunate circumstances. The problem begins when being angry gets uncontrollable and potentially destructive. Although anger is a normal and healthy emotion, feeling short tempered and intensely angry can cause a lot of harm to an individual’s personal and professional life.

Often times it can be easy to identify when someone has an anger problem. Usually, they are more eager to become involved in arguments and fights or to use drugs and alcohol to silence their feelings. These individuals are also more likely to express themselves in a violent manner; unconsciously, their non-communication style pushes people away.

Many individuals do not seek help because they cannot differentiate between anger management issues and healthy anger. The healthy way of expressing anger is when it does not cause harm for the individual and for anyone around them. Dealing with anger in an aggressive way is a symptom of failing to communicate emotionally, which is a direct consequence of unresolved family issues, socio-cultural factors or past traumas. Sometimes, even without any apparent reason, some people are naturally more inclined to being angry than the average person. The professionals at C.S. Counselling and Consulting Services can help you or a loved one who may be experiencing these symptoms and communication patterns

Therapy for anger management consists of learning how to control anger impulses by addressing the causes and thoughts you have in regards to them. This way, you will start to practice on reducing the anger to a point where it is easier to resolve the issue without causing harm to yourself or to someone else. In summary, you will be able to control your anger before it controls you. If left untreated, uncontrolled anger can result in devastating consequences to the future, both psychological (mental disorders) and physical (heart problems, high blood pressure, etc.).

Professionals encourage individuals to seek help and not get accustomed to the consequences of Anger Management. Contact C.S. Counselling and Consulting Services immediately to schedule an appointment or acquire more information about anger management therapy.

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