A life transition can leave one feeling unbalanced and helpless. It can challenge us to find new ways of adapting and using coping skills we haven’t used in a long while. Life transitions can be in the form of the breakup of a long standing relationship, a divorce, second marriages, facing unemployment after losing a job, going back to school, starting a second career, returning to work after maternity leave and having to leave the child at home, mid-life crisis, loss of a family member or loved one, retiring and redefining your life’s purpose! If you are just wondering what the world holds for you, these are all transitions from your normal state of being.

Life Transition counselling

Life Transition counselling

Life transitions happen to all of us, and they require a new way of “seeing ‘you’ in your life. If you feel like something is missing“Ref: ( and you can’t quite put your finger on it or that your life has no meaning, remember you are not alone and definitely not mistaken.  Oftentimes you may or may not be ready for a life transition and feel completely ill-equipped in knowing how or where to start to get the answers.  Sometimes transitions are not of our making and we need to cope as best we can and oftentimes we decide to take the bull by the horns and re-invent ourselves, find meaning, purpose and a renewed excitement about life! Ref: (

Of course, we are never in just a lone transition. Success or “failure depends on what happens in the middle” Ref: (—which often feels like the Middle of Nowhere. In that halfway place we are “no longer who we were but not yet who we will become” Ref: ( We are as unfamiliar to ourselves as are the circumstances in which we find ourselves. This is where our work as counsellors comes in. Transitions are opportunities to begin trying new habits and ways of interacting with others. As you prepare for your new way of being, know that the time you’ve taken “to reflect and prepare for your next phase of life will only help you live more fully and with determined purpose”. Ref:

Here’s how we can help

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we strongly suggest you make a confidential call to our office and speak with a counsellor in regards to scheduling an appointment. We are located conveniently within walking distance of the Brampton Hospital. For more information about life transitional counselling call 416-409-8045 for free consultation or fill the confidential form.

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