Individual or short-term personal counselling involves a counselling relationship between a client and a professionally-trained counsellor. Through ongoing conversations, this counselling relationship fosters a safe environment where the client can pinpoint and explore issues that may be causing anguish and/or interruptions in their personal lives. This two-way process can work to create new ways of seeing one’s self, Ref: ( emphasizes one’s existing strengths, and increase problem-solving strategies. One of the benefits of seeing a counsellor is the possibility of forming a respectful working relationship which many have found to be very helpful.


The client’s role is to put forward their fears and be as open and truthful as possible. The counsellor’s role is to listen carefully and bring to light patterns that need to be improved while inviting the client to consider sophisticated ways of seeing and dealing with their circumstances. Just about anyone can learn. No problem is too significant or insignificant. Listed below are a few examples of some common concerns which bring individuals into counselling:

Our counselors are trained to intervene and provide support for an assortment of issues, far too many to list in any all-inclusive way.

Here’s how we can help

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we strongly suggest you make a confidential call to our office and speak with a counsellor in regards to scheduling an appointment. We are conveniently located within walking distance of the Brampton Hospital. For more information about individual counselling call 416-409-8045 for a free consultation or fill the confidential form.

Your confidentiality is honored!


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