You – the client – can expect to be treated in a respectful, caring, non-judgemental and empathetic manner. My therapeutic objective is to help you achieve your goals and to work on making deliberate changes in efforts to improve things in your life.

Counselling is a collaboration:

We will work together to identify the problem and work on ways to manage and improve the situation.  You can expect to participate in developing solutions, as well as being assigned specific tasks to work on between sessions.

Counselling is structured:

You will be learning new skills and information., followed by developing a continued plan to achieve your goals and deal with any challenges that you have become aware of.  The things that you will be working on will be specific and focused, realistic and achievable as well as time-limited.

Counselling is short-term:

It is my objective to make counselling sessions as short as possible, usually between 4-6-8 sessions. Dependant upon the issues.  Sessions are scheduled 60 minutes in length.  Once you have accomplished your goals, either a new set of goals are defined, or counselling is completed.  The decision is entirely yours .

Free Consultations:

Client’s emotional health is always first and foremost – respected and in dedicated hands under the non-judgmental and empathetic care of C.S. Counselling Services. For this reason the first consultation is absolutely free of charge, simply to demonstrate to you – the client – the effectiveness of C.S. Counselling staff’s expertise and caring manner. Your first session is scheduled within one week of your request.

Take advantage of a free initial consultation to help you determine if our approach is working “fits” for you.

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